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Changing Your Healthcare

Life can be busy and demanding.  Work, home, meetings, conferences, exercise schedules, deadlines, house duties, overbooked commitments…

ONE DAY you wake up and wonder how you got here. You’re having bouts of anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, mental exhaustion, achy joints & unexplained health issues. Worries about your genetic fate creep in: are you bound for heart disease just like Mom or diabetes like your Uncle? Maybe your memory seems foggy – is it early onset Alzheimers disease? The stress of the unknown starts to add up.

After multiple ‘in & out’ doctors visits you still feel unwell and unsure if the pills are helping or hurting.


Our bodies are shutting down as a result of physical and emotional overwhelm. Our interactions with the environment around us are contributing to disease instead of supporting our healing.

We know we’re meant for more. We’re meant to thrive. Let me help you rewrite and redesign your health story. 

Through a personalized functional medicine approach, I look at the whole picture of the whole person, to restore balance in health, in work and in life.

No two people are the same. No diet, routine, pill, or ‘magic cure’ will affect you the same way it affects another. I take away the stress of reading every health blog, post, latest news and case study. I’m going to make it easier to digest…pun intended.

Utilizing precision functional medicine, together we will inspire a mindset shift that will naturally increase longevity, refine your daily routines, and provide the freedom & energy to experience your fullest potential.

Restored Sleep
Up-Leveled Performance
Reduced Inflammation
Radiant Skin
Sustained Energy
Focused Nutrition
Improved Digestion
Balanced Hormones
Sharpened + Inspired Mind
Enhanced Immune Function

Simple, Reliable Immune Support!

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Transformation Program

A partnership to transform your life.  Activate your potential & feel empowered with the tools you need to become the best version of yourself.  We will investigate strategies to ‘biohack’ your health, eliminate the harmful effects of stress & toxins, and allow your body to function as it was designed…without exhaustion, pain or disease. So you can not only live, but thrive.


Comprehensive Case Review

This customized, exploratory session will launch a deep dive into your health history, your unique interaction with your environment, identify underlying causes and triggers of annoying symptoms, and assess personal barriers to achieving true health.


Advanced Functional Medicine Testing

Cutting-edge biomarker testing allows us to address the underlying causes of imbalance, nutrient deficiency, intolerance and toxin build-up.  These precise clinical tests are an integral part of your program as they uncover hidden root causes of dysfunction that can have a powerful impact on your health.  All from the comfort of your own home


Sole Transformation Program

Creation and development of your personalized program is founded on scientific functional medicine principles, positive psychology, and organizational lifestyle coaching.  You will be implementing revolutionary skills and developing new habits that will launch your health and vitality to a level you never knew was possible.


Continued Professional Support

I cannot wait to be a part of your inspiring, life-changing health transformation.  Following program completion, I will be available for check-in, guidance or consultation as needed.  Your all-inclusive program will support you in becoming your own health advocate.  For life!

“Your body was designed with an innate ability to heal…
I am here to help you discover that gift and tap into your healing potential.”

– Jennifer Wheeler

Nourish. Support. Sustain

Vital Elements

Just as a root brings life-giving water to a growing plant, the vital elements set your foundation for optimal cell function and minimal toxic burden. These influences have the power to support or sabotage your mental and physical health. An exclusive, integral part of your Sole Transformation Program is focusing on how you successfully integrate each of these vital elements into your life.

Welcome Energy.  Welcome Balance.  Welcome Happiness.








“Jennifer changed the course of my life!! She was the first healthcare professional to truly get to know me and work to get to the root cause of my chronic sicknesses.  I will be forever thankful to her for her thoughtfulness, her time commitment, her wealth of knowledge, support and guidance, and her dedication to me and my wellness journey! Words cannot express how grateful my heart and health are to her!!! Anyone to cross paths with Jennifer is blessed! She is simply the best!!”

- Lauren B.

Health Consultant & Expert Vitalogist

Meet Jennifer

I understand what it’s like to be overwhelmed and overbooked. Without intentionality, it’s easy to let health slip and not even know. You wake up wondering why your body has shut down.  Why isn’t it feeling like it used to? I’ve been where you are.

Bloated. Stressed. Tired. Can’t SleepBrain fog. Upset stomach. Body aches. Tried every new supplement.  Every drug prescribed. Every latest workout.


I’m here to provide you with answers & accountabilityCutting-edge strategies & solutions. The exact routines to support your body, lifestyle and history.  Not your parents, best friends, gym buddy, or coworkers body.  My own life-changing health journey & client success stories, root me in the belief, that even when our lives are full, we have the opportunity to thrive, to enjoy life, and to elevate our health to meet our true potential.

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